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The onshore facilities at the Ormen Lange land plant are designed to reduce the probability of leaks and accidents.

The safety measures include systems to provide automatic shutdown and firefighting in case of leakage or fire. The land plant is also equipped with metering devices and sensors to detect irregular conditions in the systems.

Aiming to reduce the chances of injury, the Ormen Lange land plant is also located at a safe distance from other buildings. Safety zones have been established around the site on all sides so as to avoid any impacts on neighbours if case of an accident.

Always prepared
As the operator of Ormen Lange, A/S Norske Shell is responsible for emergency response at the Nyhamna land plant and the drilling operations in the Norwegian Sea.

A comprehensive emergency organisation is ready at all times to mobilise should an incident occur. The Emergency Coordinating Team (ECT) in Kristiansund and at Nyhamna exercise several times a year on various accident scenarios to be well prepared to respond.

These exercises also involve various public authorities, including the police and ambulance services, as well as emergency organisations like the Joint Rescue Coordination Centre and the Norwegian Clean Seas Association for Operating Companies (NOFO).

Emergencies and alarms

Should an incident occur at Nyhamna, the police and other competent authorities will be alerted immediately. Shell’s Emergency Coordinating Team will also be mobilised if rescue efforts are required.

Persons living close to the facility may hear various alarm signals.

These alarms are intended only for personnel at the plant.

The alarms are also used during emergency exercises.

Traffic and safety

If a major accident occurs there will be a considerable increase in traffic, including emergency vehicles.

People living nearby are in such cases asked to stay calm and keep unnecessary vehicles off the roads near Nyhamna.

Onlookers can disrupt the work of the rescue crews, and children in particular should be kept clear of the roads in case of an emergency.


The plant at Nyhamna has a 65-metre tall flare tower. This is the safety valve for the plant. In some incidents it may be necessary to quickly lower the gas pressure in the plant. This is normally done by flaring the gas.

The flame can extend 100 metres or so from the top of the flare tower. At high pressures, a roar similar to that of a jet engine may be heard. Normally, the blow-off will last a fairly short period, less than an hour.

Planned flaring will be notified in the local press through Romsdals Budstikke or via the information hotline.

Other minor incidents may occur requiring the flare to be lit, some of which will not be possible to advertise in advance.

Information hotline

Ormen Lange has launched an information hotline, which will announce planned and non-planned flaring on site.

The hotline has been establishes to help neighbours find out whether ongoing flaring is planned or not, and to learn more about the land plant’s status during flaring. 

This telephone service is also programmed to notify callers if the land plant enters an emergency situation, but will not release information on status or scope of an incident. 

The information hotline is in Norwegian, and the phone number is: +47 71 17 82 82.