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Shell Technology Norway

A subsidiary of A/S Norske Shell. På norsk

About Shell Technology Norway

STN is a subsidiary of A/S Norske Shell, established to develop technology where Norwegian industry and research institutions have a leading position.

Arctic Technology

The unique environment, remoteness, extreme climate and presence of ice create special challenges for operating in the Arctic environment.

Cleaner Production

STN develops technology to identify and reduce emissions to air and discharge to sea from oil and gas production.

Subsea Technology

STN focuses on marinising and integrating technologies for deepwater / subsea oil and gas production.

Well technology

Shell Technology Norway supports development of innovative subsea well technology as well as extending the application of available technology.

Research & Development Collaboration

STN participates in the technology, research and development programs: OG21, Petromaks, Climit, Demo 2000 and NDP.

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