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STN facilitate the application of global Shell technology

STN facilitate the application of global Shell technology and expertise for use in these assets whilst also promoting the application of Norwegian technology in the companies of Royal Dutch Shell worldwide, working closely with the principal Shell research centers in Houston - USA and Rijswijk / Amsterdam - The Netherlands.

STN is organized into four departments, “Arctic Technology”, “Cleaner Production”, “Subsea & Deepwater Technology”, and “Well Technology”.  STN manages a portfolio of R&D technology projects within these themes. To achieve this, STN cooperates closely with service companies, suppliers, universities, research establishments and other oil companies to develop technology and build capability.

Active involvement in forum and programs such as OG21, Demo 2000, Petromaks, Climit, and NDP (the Norwegian Deepwater Program) – allows for shared knowledge, improved leverage and accelerated implementation of new technology.

STN employs 25 staff, primarily based in Oslo, and has its registered office in Stavanger.