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Emissions to air

In order to minimise air pollution, STN is looking both at technology to reduce energy consumption and emissions together with technology for capture, transport and storage of CO2. STN has also participated in various renewable energy concept developments, including offshore and onshore wind energy projects.

Currently STN is a part of the SINTEF/NTNU project EFFORT aiming to improve energy efficiency in offshore production mainly by exploiting waste heat sources to improve efficiency of power generation.

Discharge to sea

STN works continuously with new technology for modelling, detecting and reducing produced water discharges and their environmental impact; reducing discharges from drilling operations; and detection and response measures for oil leakages and spills.

STN are currently engaged in projects related to environmental aspects of chemical EOR, focusing on polymer EOR. STN has also been a central partner in development of the environmental impact modelling tool DREAM.

CO2 capture and storage

STN follows up numerous Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) projects and initiatives in Norway and works closely with other parties to ensure optimal knowledge transfer throughout the CCS chain. STN manages a range of projects in the CO2 capture and storage area from fundamental research and modelling, through to large scale development and demonstration project. STN activities include focus on the potential environmental effects of chemicals used in CO2 capture and storage.

Norske Shell is a partner at CO2 Technology Centre Mongstad

STN participates/has participated in a number of CLIMIT projects within CO2 capture and storage, such as Big CO2, Atmospheric Degradation of Amines (ADA), SSC-RAMORE and ExSira. STN is also a part of BIGCCS.