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OG21 is a Task Force established by the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy (MPE) of Norway in 2001 to help the petroleum industry to formulate a national technology strategy for added value and competitive advantage in the oil and gas industry. The objective is to develop a more coordinated and focused approach to research and development throughout the oil and gas industry. The initiative has received strong support from the industry. OG21 consists of representatives from oil companies, the supply industry, research institutions and the authorities.

STN leads the Technology Target Area (TTA), TTA1 - Energy efficient and environmentally sustainable technologies. In addition, STN is represented in the OG21 board and participates in the other TTAs.

PETROMAKS - Optimal Management of Petroleum Resources

PETROMAKS is the umbrella for most of the petroleum-oriented research supported by the Research Council of Norway. The programme covers both long-term basic research and applied research, resulting in the development of new competence as well as innovation.
STN supports selected PETROMAKS projects and assist the Research Council of Norway with project evaluations.


The Norwegian authorities established the Demo2000 program in 1999 in order to promote new technology for cost-efficient development of the Norwegian continental shelf.  Industry groups work together to develop and demonstrate new products and technology for both the national and global markets. The Norwegian Continental Shelf and field installations are used to host field trials and accelerate uptake and use of new technology by means of pilot projects. At present more than 150 Demo 2000 projects have been launched, with a total value of more than 2 billion Norwegian kroner.

STN and Norske Shell participate in many of these projects.  Demo2000 is an important tool for spreading knowledge about Norwegian technology to the rest of the Shell group. STN is represented in the Demo2000 board and the technical forum.

CLIMIT - Programme for Power Generation with Carbon Capture and Storage

CLIMIT represents the Norwegian national programme for gas power technologies involving CO2 capture and storage (CCS). Gassnova and the Norwegian Research Council administer the programme on behalf of the Norwegian state. The primary objective of the CLIMIT programme is to commercialise power generation from fossil fuels with CO2 management through research, development and demonstration.

NDP - Norwegian Deepwater Programme

NDP is an organization established in 1996 by Norwegian oil companies operating deep-water licenses and with an interest to join forces to carry out cost effective preparations for safe and efficient drilling and field development. The Norwegian Deepwater Program includes environmental, metocean, seabed, subsea and riser & mooring projects.

STN is chairing the Programme Steering Committee.