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Marine Lubricants

Shell Alexia S4

Breakthrough in understanding oil stress in two-stroke marine diesel engines.

Shell ANALEXAlert

Your fast, user-friendly solution to onboard oil condition monitoring.

Products by Applications


Premium quality lubricants designed to help improve engine operation.

Hydraulic Systems

Products for hydraulic use, help provide outstanding protection to your equipments.

Gear Systems

Products for optimal gear protection and superior performance in gears.

Air Compressors

High quality air compressor oils for outstanding wear protection.

Refrigeration Compressors

Refrigeration compressor lubricants that help to improve system efficiency and extend maintenance intervals.

Bearing & Circulation Systems

High performance products with excellent wear and corrosion protection and help enhance system efficiency.


Multipurpose products for reliable protection.

Axle, Gear and Tranmission Fluids

Products for excellent shear-stability, and gear protection.

Turbine Oils

Quality products with high resistance to foaming and rapid air release and positive water-shedding properties.

Stern Tubes

Products that helps achieve cost effectiveness and peace of mind.


Shell Rapid Lubricants Analysis

Shell Rapid Lubricants Analysis (RLA) service is designed to give ship managers and operators vital information and advice on the condition of their lubricants and machinery – quickly, efficiently and reliably, with minimum effort from their staff.

Port Services Guide

The easy to use tool will help you to find comprehensive details regarding our lubricants products to details of Shell Marine Products' complete network and portfolio.

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