For over a century oil and gas has powered the most prosperous period in human history. Now the challenge is to create the next chapter – for you, me and coming generations – with net-zero carbon emissions and a healthy planet.

Meet us at ONS 2022 to learn more about how Shell is powering progress and to talk about how we can create a better energy future together.

Meet us at stand 1090


Shell’s target is to be a net-zero energy business by 2050. What we do in Norway helps make this promise possible. With natural gas, carbon capture and storage, hydrogen, offshore wind and biofuels we and our partners want to help change the way the world works.

Come visit the Shell stand at the ONS Exhibition to learn more about our strategy and ambitions in Norway. You’ll find us in hall 10 – stand 1090.

Stand Schedule:
Day & Time Topic Details
Monday 29 August at 14:30 – 15:30 BIOFUELS

Would you like to learn more about biofuels and the innovative Biozin project in Norway?

Thomas Skadal (CEO of Biozin) and Bjørn Melaa (B2B Manager in Norske Shell) will be present at the stand

Tuesday 30 August at 10:00 – 11:00 CCS

Interested in Carbon Capture and Storage?

Syrie Crouch (VP CCUS) and Adam Prince (GM CCS Strategy & Growth) will be present at the stand.

Tuesday 30 August at 14:30 – 15:30 OFFSHORE WIND

Do you have any questions about Shell’s offshore wind business?

Hugo Buis (VP Offshore Power EMEA), Jenneke Verhoef (GM Offshore Power Technical) and more experts will be present at the stand. 

Wednesday 31 August at 10:00 – 11:00 THE ROLE OF GAS IN THE ENERGY TRANSITION

How does natural gas fit in tomorrow’s energy mix?

Laszlo Varro (VP Global Business Environment) will represent Shell’s Scenarios team at the stand.

Wednesday 31 August at 12:30 – 13:30 HYDROGEN

Interested in Hydrogen and want to learn more about Shell’s projects and investments?

Paul Bogers (VP Hydrogen) will be present at the stand.


Shell speakers at ONS

Shell speakers at ONS conference arenas:

Main Conference
Day & Time Topic Details
Monday 29 August at 11:00 Opening Ceremony
from 11:00
Ed Daniels, Strategy, Sustainability and Corporate Relations Director
Tuesday 30 August at 14:00 Session: Deep electrification  Laszlo Varro, VP Global Business Environment
Wednesday 31 August at 10:0 Session: Financing the energy transition Katie Jackson, EVP Acquisition, Divestment and New Business Development *Moderator
Centre Court
Day & Time Topic Details
Monday 29 August at 14:00 ‘Trust in our planet’s make or break’ Ed Daniels, Strategy, Sustainability and Corporate Relations Director
Tuesday 30 August at 16:00 ‘Take the money and run – oil profit vs new industries’ Marianne Olsnes, Managing Director – A/S Norske Shell
Net Zero Markets
Day & Time Topic Details
Monday 29 August at 14:45 Session: The role of CCUS in a net-zero world Syrie Crouch, VP Carbon Capture, Utilisation and Storage
Monday 29 August at 14:45 Session: Offshore wind in the global energy mix Thomas Brostrøm, EVP Renewable Generation
Tuesday 30 August at 12:30 Session: From oil and gas to offshore wind – does and dont’s Jenneke Verhoef, General Manager Offshore Wind, Technical
Tuesday 30 August at 14:15 Session: CCUS: Global projects and future marked Adam Prince, CCS – Strategy and Growth Manager
Wednesday 31 August at 10:00 Session: Innocation across the CCUS value chain Arne Kolle, Business Opportunity Manager – Energy Transition *Moderator
Wednesday 31 August at 10:00 Session: Hydrogen – projects and innovation Paul Bogers, VP Renewables & Energy Solutions – Hydrogen
Wednesday 31 August at 14:15 Session: Hydrogen supply chain Jostein Tegle, Business Development Manager, Energy Transition *Moderator
Day & Time Topic Details
Wednesday 31 August at 11:00 Scale Ups - noon session Peter van Giessel, Senior Venture Principal
Technical Sessions
Day & Time Topic Details
Tuesday 30 August at 13:00 Session: Unlocking potential value with subsea technology Long step-out power supply to subsea compressors for Ormen Lange Phase 3 Andrea Sætre, Electrical Engineer in A/S Norske Shell 
Tuesday 30 August at 13:15 Session: Autonomous operations Frode Lefdal, Asset Manager in A/S Norske Shell
Wednesday 31 August at 09:45 Session: Offshore emissions reductions in the transition Repurposing proven technologies: a de-risked lever for decarbonisation Mario Graca, Licencing Technology Manager, Blue Hydrogen 
Wednesday 31 August at 10:00 Session: Value from data sharing Operationalising an Advanced Dynamic Digital Twin in Norske Shell

Mariann Forsberg (Digital & Continuous Improvement, A/S Norske Shell) and Yiteng Zhang (Digital Technology Lead, A/S Norske Shell)

(Digital Technology Lead, A/S Norske Shell)

Frode Lefdal, Asset Manager in A/S Norske Shell

Wednesday 31 August at 10:15 Session: Well construction technology Determining a Ceramic Sand Screen Operational Envelope and Lifetime Service Prediction Model Jan Sæby, Production Technology Discipline Lead

For more information about the ONS Conference programme, visit their website.

Let’s talk about Inclusion

To solve the great challenges of our time, we need a mix of people, experience and views.

We have invited leaders on diversity, equity and inclusion for a dialogue around inclusion in the workplace – what does this really mean to them, how they strive to achieve it and how effective their attempts have been.

Grab a complimentary drink and join the dialogue!

Panel members:

  • Lotte Tvedt, lawyer, Office of the Attorney General of Norway
  • Grethe Moen, Non-Executive Director and Business Advisor in the Energy Industry
  • Ole Ueland, Leader, Rogaland Høyre
  • Cecilie Willumsen, Director, NAV office Storhaug and Hundvåg
  • Mark Wildon, Chairman AS Norske Shell, VP Asset Management


  • Kitty Eide, Head of communications, A/S Norske Shell
  • Sara Bianca Beitz, leader of the student organization at the University of Stavanger (StOr)

This ONS+ event is free and open for anyone. Note that there is no registration for this event, so be early to make sure you secure a seat.

Time and place: Gnu Bar, Monday 29 August at 17:30 hrs
Topic: Inclusion in the Workplace: Illusion or Reality?

ONS+ brings some of the hottest topics from the conference arenas downtown, aiming to create a social and interesting arena. Check out the full ONS+ programme.

ONS Concert


Shell is a proud main partner of the ONS Concert – because music can energise people! The outdoor concert, featuring Highasakite, is free and open to everyone – so make sure you head down to the harbour in downtown Stavanger Wednesday night, 31 August.

  • Supporting artist: 20:00
  • Headliner: 21:00
  • Fireworks 22:30



Is offshore wind Norway’s next export industry?
Why does global energy players want to develop offshore wind in Norway? How many jobs will it create? And will power generated from offshore wind be competitive?

Meet Thomas Brostrøm, Executive Vice President for Global Renewable Generation in Shell in conversation with Ståle Kyllingstad, CEO of IKM on Tuesday 30 August at 13:05 – 13:25.

Note that this session will be in Norwegian language.

Shell at ONS Young


Shell is also a partner in ONS Young - an arena for young people to meet young representatives from the energy industry. Young professionals from Shell and the other partner companies will be present to answer questions, share experiences and show young people in the region the opportunities in the energy industry.

ONS Young programme:

  • Monday: University day.
  • Tuesday and Wednesday: Future students’ day
  • Wednesday afternoon: Young professionals’ arena

More information: Young -