The Dynamic Digital Twin is a dynamic tool for a dynamic plant. The twin allows us to explore the operating envelope of Nyhamna both under stable operation and in transitions between one operations scenario to the next. This provides a completely new way of optimising energy and production, where the ultimate objective is to maximise gas and condensate production and minimise energy consumption, while reducing maintenance need and avoid breakdown. By running ‘what if’ simulations, the Operations Support team together with the Control Room can take faster and more accurate process change decisions. This will enable us to choose optimum plant configuration at all times, directly quantify the effects and thus increase Nyhamna’s competitiveness.

Magnus, Process Engineer and Digital Twin Super User

Torstein is working in the Nyhamna control room, with an impression of the digital twin placed on top of the image.

"By integrating all our systems and data in the one platform, the digital twin empowers us to improve the risk assessment of all activities at Nyhamna. This represents a big step towards achieving our goal of having Zero incidents or leaks and will also contribute to a more effective workday for Nyhamna staff."

Torstein, Shift Supervisor at Nyhamna


Tommy is working in a meeting room with a large screen , an impression of the digital twin placed on top of the image.

"With the digital twin, the delivery teams can, with just few keystrokes, explore all as-built 2D documentation by tag-search in a rich 3D-model, and navigate between 2D drawings and 3D model. This provides a more efficient and safer work preparation process, leaner communication across teams and disciplines, reduction of meetings, faster ways to locate equipment in heights, less data cross-checks between applications and less logistics and time spent on field inspections. We now both communicate and make decisions on the exact same and unified data foundation."

Tommy, SPC and Turnaround Supervisor 

Alexander is working on an iPad out in the field at Nyhamna – gas pipes in the background, with an impression of the digital twin placed on top of the image.

"As the digital twin collects and integrates data from the range of systems and makes it easily available to all disciplines including our contractors, we reduce the amount of site visits needed and we no longer need to spend time pulling drawings from different places to compare, distribute and analyse. This means we can spend more time on intelligent and value-adding work."

Alexander, Inspection Engineer

Silje is working on an iPhone out in the field at Nyhamna, with an impression of the digital twin placed on top of the image.

"With the mobile version of the twin we will at any time and place be able access the 3D model showing real-time pressure, temperature and flow on the different systems directly on our phones. This is much leaner than depending on colleagues in the control room to provide us with essential data. Being able to access the 3D model on site also means we can take quicker actions as a result of improved on-site navigation - where we today spend significant time and radio communication on locating specific equipment like valves and detectors."

Silje, Process Technician

Shane McArdle, Senior Vice President KogniTwin, Kongsberg Digital

“Improved operations, maintenance and safety is already a reality at Nyhamna as they start to benefit from their twin. We are proud to see the results achieved and are looking forward to continue creating the asset of the future together with Shell.

Collaboration has shown to be key at our partnership. Working together with the Shell team, we are continuously innovating around ideas and driving improvements to provide value across-teams, making their work more efficient. This enables the users to easily have access to information, simulate scenarios and find optimal asset configuration, resulting in increased performance and competitiveness for the Nyhamna plant.”

Shane McArdle, Senior Vice President KogniTwin, Kongsberg Digital